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Who Else Wants Marketing Strategies and Lead Generation
that Continually Flood Your Sales Funnel

with New Prospects?



Now!  Grow Your Business with Creative Fresh Ideas

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Do you have trouble attracting customers and increasing sales?  Then you need a written marketing plan and strategies that really work. 


Since 1996, S. F. Marketing has been helping busy time-crunched, frustrated business owners attract more clients and immediately make more money than every before.  We provide hands-on marketing services and campaigns with compelling messages that help you stand out from competitors. 


S. F. Marketing is a Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities MN metro area based marketing, communications and advertising company that provides marketing consulting, marketing strategies and sales solutions for businesses to help them grow and make more money.  With the right marketing strategy, media plan, advertising, copy writing, Web content, lead generation and sales process, you’ll have an integrated marketing process that increases your sales and profits.  


Did you know that 90% of businesses do not have a written marketing plan and a consistent sales process?  Do you want to be part of the 10% that does?  Right now, those businesses are attracting more customers and increasing sales month after month after month. 


We lead the marketing process hands-on, start to finish, for our clients.  We plan, implement and evaluate marketing strategies and campaigns to keep them on track.  We also create the compelling messages that make their businesses stand out from competitors, guaranteed.  Our clients work with one person from our firm, so they save time, attract more clients, increase sales and unlock their company’s potential to be wildly successful. 


Do you want a lead generation system that continually floods your sales funnel with new prospects? 


Our proven process has already benefited more than 100 business owners in more than 40 industries.  We plan and implement lead/sales generation systems to flood your pipeline with new prospects, so you never have to worry about revenue growth again. 


Do you know who your next ideal client is?  If not, give us a try and experience the difference yourself.  You’ll be glad you did! 


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“I want to thank Sonia Fortier for the great work and advice she has provided for me and my company on our marketing plan. She looks at things differently and has fresh ideas. I can have her help me roll out an entire marketing plan or she is happy to compose a simple letter that gets results. Sonia is happy to help with small or large projects and has a wealth of suppliers at her fingertips. I feel confident when working with Sonia and highly recommend her and the services she provides. Thanks, Sonia!” 
--Robin Johnson,
High  Road Heating

“Sonia was great to work with! She really cares about providing the best service to achieve the highest level of results. My phone has been ringing more than ever after she wrote copy for my website. She is keen on working the Google Search words into copy!”
--Pam Egan,
Pamela Egan Floral Design

“I haved worked with Sonia many times. I highly recommend her to any person or company that may want to increase their bottom line profits.”
--Rita Brooks
Prime Mortgage

“I've worked with Sonia on several important projects over the past few years. Her vast background and knowledge (especially with food, franchise marketing and direct response‚Ķ) was enormously valuable. She was a pleasure to work with and she knows her stuff. I will most certainly be working with Sonia again soon.”
--David Schmieg
D. S. Advertising Etc.

“Sonia worked with me to create a company brochure that rocked!  I so appreciated her writing, skills and creativity.”
--Jane Phillips